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Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

Frau Emilia Kmiotek-Meier

Dr.' Emilia Kmiotek-Meier

Projektkoordination "Erfolgreich auf dem Arbeitsmarkt" (Forschungsprojekt)

Telefon: +49 221 470-8319
E-Mail: emilia.kmiotek-meier(at)uni-koeln.de

Raum: 2.217
Studierenden Service Center (Gebäude 102)
Universitätsstraße 22a
50937 Köln

50923 Köln




Peer-reviewed articles

Plasa, T., Ebert, A., Kmiotek-Meier, E. & Schmatz, R. (2019). Generische Kompetenzen von Hochschulabsolventinnen und -absolventen. Qualität in der Wissenschaft, 13(2), 48-56.

Samuk, S., Kmiotek-Meier, E., Nienaber, B. & Vysotskaya, V. (2019). Introduction to Special Issue for Migration Letters: Inequalities and Youth Mobilities in Europe from Comparative Perspectives. In: Migration Letters, 16(1), 1-14.

Kmiotek-Meier, E., Skrobanek, J., Nienaber, B., Vysotskaya, V., Samuk, S., Ardic, T., Pavlova, I., Dabasi-Halázs, Z., Diaz, C., Bissinger, J., Schlimbach, T. & Horvath, K. (2019). Why is it so hard? And for whom? Obstacles to intra-European mobility. In: Migration Letters, 16(1), 31-44.

Schlimbach, T., Skrobanek, J., Kmiotek-Meier, E. & Vysotskaya, V. (2019). Capturing agency in different educational settings: A comparative study on youth perceptions of mobility-framing structures. In: Migration Letters, 16(1), 15-29.

Kmiotek-Meier, E., Karl, U. & Powell, J. J. W. (2018). Designing the (Most) Mobile University: The Centrality of International Student Mobility in Luxembourg’s Higher Education Policy Discourse. In: Higher Education Policy, 31(online first), 1-24.

Kmiotek-Meier, E. & Karl, U. (2017). Being forced? Getting far? Speaking the language? What matters in the process of going abroad as a student? In: Tér és Társadalom, 31(4), 90-104.


Book chapters

Hemming, K., Kmiotek-Meier, E., Schlimbach, T., Nienaber, B., Reißig, B. & Tillmann, F. (2019). In: Wie? Warum? Oder warum nicht? Mobilitätsfelder sowie Motivationen und Barrieren für Jugendmobilität in Europa. Forum Jugendarbeit International 2016–2018 (Internationale Jugendarbeit – Zugänge, Barrieren und Motive) (64-85). Bonn, Germany: IJAB.

Landmann, M., Kmiotek-Meier, E., Lachmann, D. & Lorenz, J. (2015). In: Three methods, four outcomes! How to test the reliability and validity of a graduate survey competence scale. In J., Huisman & M., Tight (Eds.), Theory and Method in Higher Education Research. Volume 1 (119-139). Bingley, UK: Emerald.



Kmiotek-Meier, E. & Karl, U. (2016). Student mobility in Luxembourg. In: Deliverable 2.4–Final Work Package Report WP2 “Sampling and secondary analyses of macro data of youth mobility in Europe and the partner countries”, 111-121.

Hemming, K., Skrobanek, J., Kmiotek-Meier, E. & Dettmer, M. (2016). Comparison of incoming youth mobility to Germany, Norway and Luxembourg. In: Deliverable 2.4–Final Work Package Report WP2 “Sampling and secondary analyses of macro data of youth mobility in Europe and the partner countries”, 122-131.


Publications for the General Public

Bissinger, J., Kmiotek-Meier, E. & Nienaber, B. (2018). Was bedeutet jung und mobil? Ergebnisse aus dem Projekt MOVE. In: IJAB Journal, 11(2), 14.

Nienaber, B., Vysotskaya, V. & Kmiotek-Meier, E. (2017, October). Why do young working people find Luxembourg attractive? Internatonalisation and youth mobility in Europe. In: Forum, (377), 51-53.

Karl, U., Kmiotek-Meier, E. & Vysotskaya, V. (2016). Vom Umgang mit (Un-)Sicherheit Mobilitätserfahrungen junger Menschen. In: Forum, 362.


Communications at Congresses and Conferences (selection)

Kmiotek-Meier, E. (2018, December). Student mobility and its social dimension in Luxembourg. Paper presented at “SRHE Newer Researchers’ conference”, Newport, UK.

Kmiotek-Meier, E., Karl, U. & Powell, J. J. W. (2018, December). Designing the (Most) Mobile University: The Centrality of International Student Mobility in Luxembourg’s Higher Education Policy Discourse. Paper presented at “SRHE conference”, Newport, UK.

Kmiotek-Meier, E. & Vysotskaya, V. (2018, March). Youth Mobility – experiencing (un)certainties. Paper presented at “26. Kongress der DGfE“, Universität Duisburg-Essen.

Kmiotek-Meier, E., Karl, U. & Powell, J. J. W. (2018, March). The agenda for now and the future: The centrality of international student mobility in Luxembourg's higher education policy discourse. Paper presented at “MOVE final conference”, Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg.

Kmiotek-Meier, E. (2017, December). “Because everybody does it” – student mobility as social norm? Case study Luxembourg. Paper presented at “Global Students: Mapping the Field of University Lives Research”, Bielefeld, Germany.

Kmiotek-Meier, E. (2017, October). International student mobility and the life course. Transitions, sequences and turning points among credit and degree mobile students from Luxembourg. Paper presented at “SLLS International Conference Multidisciplinary Collaboration in Longitudinal and Lifecourse Research”, Stirling, UK.

Däubler, M., Kmiotek-Meier, E., Hemming, K. & Skrobanek, J. (2017, September). Youth mobility in Europe and its social, political and economic macro-drivers. A case study of Germany, Norway, and Luxemburg from 2004-2013. Paper presented at “EU Geo Congress” 2017, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Kmiotek-Meier, E. (2017, August). ”I have seen it as a new life phase”- international student mobility as turning point or transition? Credit and degree student mobility – two different perspectives. Paper presented at “13th conference of the European Sociological Association “(Un)Making Europe: Capitalism, Solidarities, Subjectivities””, Athens, Greece.

Kmiotek-Meier, E. (2017, June). Obstacles in Transfer of Qualification and Knowledge to National Labour Market. Case Study Luxembourg. Paper presented at “Friction in a mobile world. Transmigrants, contested citizenship and human in/security”, Nijmegen, Netherlands.

Kmiotek-Meier, E., Vysotskaya, V. & Karl, U. (2016, October). What borders do young mobile Europeans perceive in Europe? Constructions of mobile young people. Paper presented at ABS Conference, Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg.

Kmiotek-Meier, E. & Horváth, K. (2016, September). The idea has to be born – process of going abroad as a student. Paper presented at “Midterm conference of Research Network 35 (Sociology of Migration), European Sociological Association (ESA): Facing a New "Age of Migration"? Methodological Challenges, Conceptual Questions, Political Entanglements”, Bucharest, Romania.

Kmiotek-Meier, E. (2016, August). Student mobility research and mixed methods approach. Paper presented at “Moving Beyond the Linear Model: The Role of Mixed Methods Research in an Age of Complexity”, Durham, UK.

Kmiotek-Meier, E. (2015, October). MOVE: Mapping mobility – pathways, institutions and structural effects of youth mobility in Europe - presentation of the project. Paper presented at “Learning Mobility in the Youth Field: Towards Opportunities for all. Evidence, experience, discourse“, Istanbul, Turkey.